Devin Booker, Chet Holmgren and Clarifying NBA mysteries with Michael Pina

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Michael Pina from The Ringer joins Dan Devine to talk about enjoyable NBA things (Point Book!), mystifying NBA things (Chet Holmgren!) and things they want to know from a crystal ball (will Zion return to form?).

On this episode of Devine Intervention, Dan Devine is joined by Michael Pina from The Ringer. The theme of this episode is mystery, as the guys discuss things in the NBA that don't make sense to them and talk about what they would like to know if there was a future-telling crystal ball.

First up, we start from a place of joy, and bringing joy to Michael Pina this week is Devin Booker being the league’s best point guard despite the fact that he’s a shooting guard known for his scoring. It serves as a reminder that even superstar NBA players can improve during their prime.

When we get to mysteries, Michael is curious why the Cleveland Cavaliers aren’t better than they are. They seem to have regressed from last season despite having a roster better suited to what they’re trying to do, and the offense looks worse when Donovan Mitchell is on the court. Why?

Dan is confused by the rapid ascension of Chet Holmgren. We’ve never really seen a player like this before and we’ve certainly never seen one be this good this fast. Is he already an All-NBA player? Are the Thunder already championship contenders?

Both Michael and Dan listed Anthony Davis as a mystery. Michael is wondering why such a great player isn’t more dominant and is seemingly forgotten when we talk about the league’s best centers. Dan is curious why Anthony Davis can’t seem to shoot from outside anymore.

Looking into a crystal ball that can tell us the future, Michael and Dan both want to know if Zion Williamson will round into form and get the explosive burst back to his game that he was previously known for or if this is just who he is now.

We close the show with the closing five, where Michael talks about children’s TV shows and hanging out with Jimmy Butler, and recommendations for pop culture artwork and a cringe-comedy TV show.

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