National Grid fires worker caught on camera antagonizing woman over bumper stickers

National Grid has fired a worker caught on camera apparently antagonizing a Belmont woman over the bumper stickers on her car.

Boston 25 News obtained video of the incident this week, captured from a doorbell camera, where a National Grid truck can be seen backing up, then pulling behind Jessie Bennett's blue Subaru, parked on the street in front of her home. You can then hear the worker lay on the horn for nearly 10 seconds.

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Bennett came out of her Belmont home and approached the National Grid worker, who she says was blasting a talk radio station and wearing a Trump 2020 hat.

National Grid told Boston 25 earlier this week that its employees are expected to only wear company-issued clothing and hats while in the field.

"He said he disagreed with the things on the back of my car, and he thought that we were what was wrong with the country, and that kind of thing," Bennett told Boston 25 News.

Bennett has several bumper stickers on her car supporting everything from Elizabeth Warren and equality for LGBTQ families to National Parks.

As the incident escalated, she started recording.

Bennett: "What is your name and why are you doing this?"

Worker: "I don't have any idea what you are talking about."

Bennett: "Are you drunk or something?"

Worker: "No... I just hate all of your [expletive] on your car."

Bennett: "Isn't that pleasant?"

Worker: "Isn't that great."

Bennett reported the incident to police because she was worried about the safety of others.

"It was coming from such a place of anger, so it was really intimidating," she said.

She says National Grid was very responsive to her complaint about the worker and they told her he has been taken off the road.

On Friday, National Grid told Boston 25 News the worker is no longer employed with them,

"We at National Grid were deeply concerned earlier this week upon learning from one of our customers in Belmont, Massachusetts, of a troubling exchange she had with an on-duty National Grid employee.

Upon learning of the incident, we reviewed the video evidence, apologized to the customer for what she experienced, and as of today, the worker in the video is no longer an employee of National Grid.

Our strong commitment to inclusion and diversity at National Grid includes demonstrating respect at all times to one another as fellow human beings."

Bennett says Belmont Police have also seen the video and are looking into it.