Multiple crews rescue dog stuck inside Millennium Park drainpipe for 2 hours

BOSTON — When Hubert, who goes by the nickname Bubba, got free from a drainpipe in Millennium Park, the emotion spilled out as his owner hunched over in tears.

“He is our kid, we don’t have any kids,” said the owner who wanted to remain anonymous.

The rescue mission started around 2:00 p.m. when Bubba seemed to get scared and ran inside the drainpipe while off his walker’s leash.

“He’s a rescue dog, we’ve had them for years,” the owner said. “Thursday was four years with Hubie. He’s just a great dog, so well tempered; and he’s shy and anxious.”

The rescue was no easy task because whenever Bubba’s owners called for him, he just went deeper into the pipe.

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“He’s a little overweight like some of us, and it’s a 16-inch pipe, so he’s moving forward and he cannot move back, so we kept hitting him in the backside,” said Chris Fall of Boston Drain. “The fire guys were able to pull them out of the manhole.”

That’s right, crews had to outsmart the dog. So they cut the fencing, went ahead of Bubba, drilled a hole into the pipe, and stuck tools in there to guide him back towards the entrance.

“We got to put something over these drains to stop it from happening again,” said one onlooker.

Crews got him out just in time before the pipe split into multiple directions

“I just can’t thank the fire department and everyone that helped out,” said the owner. “This is one lucky dog. It’s unbelievable.”

The dog was under the pipe for a total of about two hours. Animal control checked him out and he seems to be just fine.

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