• 'Molly' arrests made at Quincy's Ocean Club in Marina Bay


    QUINCY, Mass. (MyFoxBoston.com) -- Police in Quincy have arrested eight people and are seeking three additional complaints in connection with drug distribution and a surge of overdoses this summer at the Ocean Club in Marina Bay.

    Quincy police say the arrests were the result of a surge in overdoses this summer at the club, which gave officers reason to go undercover.

    Officials say ambulances responded to 12 overdoses at the club, most associated with the drug known as "Molly," a pure form of an ingredient found in Ecstasy.

    In late August, police arrested four people: 23-year-old Johnnerson Chan, of Chelmsford; 23-year-old William Naumenko, of Hull; 28-year-old Jeffrey Chasen, of Dorchester; and 26-year-old Suzanne Florio, of Connecticut, police said.

    Naumenko was arrested twice.

    Timothy Randall, 24, of Rhode Island; David Patricio, 24, of Rhode Island; Timothy Silva, 23, of Connecticut; and Mitchell Molde, 23, of Connecticut were arrested on Sept. 1.

    Police are seeking charges against three more individuals.

    All were arrested on drug charges. Some of those arrested were charged with possession and distribution of "Molly. "

    Quincy Mayor Thomas Koch says, before this summer, the biggest problem they had with the seasonal club was simply noise complaints.
    "It wasn't really until things broke the last few weeks that I've become more aware of what Molly is all about," Mayor Koch told FOX 25.

    Last week, a teenager died and two others were hospitalized from apparent overdoses at the  House of Blues in Boston. This weekend, a University of New Hampshire student overdosed at a club in New York City. Investigators believe Olivia Rotondo, of Providence, R.I., died after overdosing on "Molly" while attending the Electric Zoo music festival in New York City.

    Mayor Koch called the Ocean Club an "interesting venue," saying he feels it is a place where instances of Molly use would be more likely to happen.

    "This is an interesting venue where I think something like this would be more likely occur whether it's Molly or something else if you've ever been out there, it's a venue that's more friendly to that type of activity, unfortunately," the mayor said of the Ocean Club.

    The mayor says he hopes 2013 was the Ocean Club's last season. In spring of 2014, Marina Bay developers plan to level the club to build apartments and retail space. Mayor Koch says he knows the problem won't go away with one club, he wants police to educate establishments about Molly and hold them accountable when there are problems.

    "We certainly want an owner that's going to take this seriously and be responsive to what is occurring out there and if that's not happening, we're going to shut them down," Koch explained.

    The Ocean Club has an event scheduled for Sept. 20 that the mayor and police chief have both strongly suggested the club cancel. If they fail to do so, the mayor says he will take the issue to the Licensing Board.

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