Middlesex DA: Death of Mikayla Miller in Hopkinton ‘unspeakable tragedy’

HOPKINTON, Mass. — Middlesex County DA Marian Ryan told Boston 25 News the death last month of 16-year-old Mikayla Miller in Hopkinton was an “unspeakable tragedy, an unimaginable loss for the entire community.”

DA Ryan’s comments come as the group, Violence in Boston, is planning a vigil for Mikayla Thursday in Hopkinton at the Boston Marathon Starting Line. Group founder Monica Cannon-Grant posted an image on social media over the weekend suggesting that Miller was murdered, and she signaled her intention to take part in the Hopkinton vigil.

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Social media posts by others expressed concern that Mikayla was a victim of racial hatred. Mikayla was found dead in the woods of Hopkinton on April 18. At the time, DA Ryan issued a statement saying the case was open but that foul play was not suspected, a phrase that can signal a suicide.

Weeks later, with no new information available from police or the DA’s office, concern is growing over what really happened to Mikayla.

Boston 25 News caught up with DA Ryan on Monday afternoon. She said the Miller case is still very much open but that investigators need more time as they wait for a final ruling from the State Medical Examiner.

“We fully understand that people are looking for answers. And we are working on those answers. And we are awaiting things, like a ruling from the Medical Examiner, as to the cause and manner of death. We are waiting on forensics. We are continuing to interview and follow up on interviews with people. So, all of that is happening,” DA Ryan said.

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“What we are really asking people is to give us the time to get the right answer. So that we are getting to a just result to whatever happened with Mikayla.”