Middleborough school bus drivers rank among best in nation

MIDDLEBOROUGH, Mass. — The bus drivers who get Middleborough Public Schools' students to and from school every day have been ranked among the best in the nation by their company, according to the district.

The Middleborough drivers placed tenth out of all 425 First Student locations nationwide.

The First Student Middleborough location took home the top spot for having no collisions and also in no personal injuries.

The Middleborough location also ranked very high in many other categories, including no excessive idling and no excessive speeding.

“I am very proud of the great job the Middleborough drivers do,” said Tracy Donahue, First Student Middleborough manager. “They all care about the service they provide and it shows.”

The drivers were said to be very happy when they heard the news.

“However, they continued to ask questions on how they could further improve their performance because they are dedicated to doing their best for the students they serve every day,” the district stated.

First Student is the largest provider of school bus services in the United States.