Lane drop causes confusion in Storrow Drive traffic shift

BOSTON — A plan to keep cars moving on a stretch for Storrow Drive is causing a lot of confusion.

Now, the state is taking a closer look to see if they should change it back.

"All of a sudden the this thing is in the way and they don't know what to do and they all squeeze into the middle," said Ed Fee.

What some are calling the "Dreaded Lane Drop" is a new lane configuration MassDOT highway officials are experimenting with to help keep cars moving out of 93 and Cambridge as they head on to Storrow Drive.

"They're all of a sudden, 'Oh my God, I've got to go in with the rest of these people and that's not safe,'" said Fee.

Previously, the left lane was only for exiting. Now, the state says drivers are allowed to use those tow left lanes to continue on Storrow Drive. However, the lane drop they've added just seems to be confusing everyone.

"We really think we need to tweak that signage to make it a little bit more clearer for people," said MassDOT Highway Administrator Jonathan Gulliver.

MassDOT has since added more signs and changed some of the markings on the road. Gulliver says more publicity before the change would've helped their efforts.

"In retrospect, we could have done a little more of a full court press on this to make sure people were fully aware of it," said Gulliver.

Other drivers, however, say its working.

"I work as a Lyft driver part time and I've noticed I think it has improved the flow of traffic," said Ben Hatch.

MassDOT says they will be making a decision on whether to keep this configuration or go back to the old one before the end of the month.