Twins launch charity after surviving breast cancer

DEDHAM, Mass. — Nancy McNally was all smiles as she rang the bell signaling the end of her radiation treatment at Mass General Hospital last spring. “We have the same oncology team. I went back to Mass General because I loved her oncologist and I wanted to get the same treatment,” she said.

Nancy and her twin sister, Michelle Zaniboni, are both breast cancer survivors. Nancy was diagnosed about a year ago, Michelle a decade ago. “I am doing awesome. The fact that I am 10 years out and it was aggressive breast cancer and it went to my lymph nodes, I had all my lymph nodes removed, it’s actually pretty much a miracle that I’m doing awesome,” Michelle said.

The 51-year-old sisters, who grew up in Walpole, received so much support from family, friends and co-workers during their treatments they said they were determined to help others. So in May, they launched a non-profit charity called Sisters United Against Cancer

Their mission is to help cancer patients with things they need during and after treatment, including gift baskets. Each basket is custom-made and can include items like gift cards for gas and the grocery stores.

The foundation will also provide basic knitting kits for those who want to use knitting as a way to keep their minds and body busy during treatment, thanks to three alpacas Nancy recently purchased for her farm in Vermont.

“Right now we are doing incredibly well and again it’s about giving back and paying it forward loving others because we had so much love and support it’s our time now to give back.” Nancy said.

Sisters United Against Cancer also provides resources to any questions cancer patients or their families may have.

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