Traumatic brain injury warning signs after comedian Bob Saget’s death

News that comedian Bob Saget died from a brain injury in his Orlando hotel room last month comes as a shock to many, but according to the CDC, in 2019, 166 people in the United States died from Traumatic Brain Injury every day, half of them from taking a fall, which is suspected in Bob Saget’s case.

“We shouldn’t think it’s too uncommon. In fact, it happens all too much” Dr. Eric Rosenthal, Director of Mass General Hospital’s Neurosciences Intensive Care Unit told Boston 25 News reporter Bob Ward in a Zoom interview.

Dr. Rosenthal said, in a fall, the brain can easily be damaged, without any visible sign of trauma.

Dr. Rosenthal advises, if you fall and experience any of these symptoms: loss of consciousness, confusion, headache, nausea, vomiting, don’t wait, call 911 immediately.

“Most people think it’s a nuisance, it’s mild, and it’s going to get better. A lot of people are used to being independent and they want things to go away. But these would be the telltale signs to seek care,” Dr. Rosenthal said.

Bob Saget was found alone in his hotel room and was likely not aware of his worsening condition.

Dr. Rosenthal tells reporter Bob Ward if you are alone, and you’re not sure you need immediate help, reach out anyway. Even if it’s to have someone check up on you.

“These are true emergencies, they need to be evaluated right away,” Dr. Rosenthal said. “This is not something you want to self triage in that way. You want to seek care.”