Student designs 5-story tall artwork for New Boston Arts Academy

BOSTON — Boston Arts Academy is about to open its doors on a brand new building. When the school was looking to find an artist to design a piece for the exterior of the building, they didn’t have to look very far.

It stands just behind Fenway Park and towers 5-stories high. “The location is in Fenway, it’s in the city and I really wanted it to represent urban, city kids,” said Natalia Reyes.

The giant curtain wall on the exterior of the brand new state-of-the-art Boston Arts Academy was designed by 19-year-old Natalia Reyes while she was a student there. “I don’t think I would have experienced the things I have if I didn’t go to this school. I wouldn’t be the person I am today,” she said.

Boston Arts Academy is the city’s only free public arts high school. Natalia worked over the course of a year with architects to figure out how to make her vision of creating a piece that captures the environment, culture, and diversity of the City of Boston a reality. “To get this project as a 17-year-old and see it through to fruition is remarkable,” said Gretta Olton, director of design and visual communications at Boston Arts Academy.

Natalia’s artwork will be on the face of the $125 million facility, forever. “It’s a big deal, it will be seen by millions of people whenever there is a baseball game for certain and also the millions of people who walk around the neighborhood and walk by the school,” said Gretta Olton

Natalia is a Latina first-generation college student from Dorchester and our cameras were there as she showed her mother her masterpiece for the very first time. “She really didn’t understand really how big this project could be and to finally show her now I feel very great and proud of what I’ve done. She feels proud of me. That makes me feel accomplished,” Natalia said.

The new Boston Arts Academy is scheduled to open in the spring. Natalia is currently a sophomore at Lesley University on a full 4-year-scholarship.

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