Mass. relaunches relief program for small businesses with $75 million in ARPA funds

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker announced a new $75 million relief program for small businesses still feeling the effects of the pandemic. This program is modeled after the state’s initial COVID-19 relief program, where 15,000 small businesses were awarded some of the $70 million in grants.

Wednesday’s announcement comes after Baker spoke at Luanda restaurant in Brockton, which was one of many businesses to receive a grant during the first round of small business funds.

During Baker’s announcement, the restaurant owners said the grant they received kept their business alive through a very difficult time.

“The effects of the pandemic are still being felt especially for a lot of small businesses like ours. We know a lot of folks who own restaurants for whom aid didn’t arrive in time and their doors remain closed still today,” said Jaysen Goncalves whose mother started Luanda after immigrating to Brockton from Cape Verde.

The new program directs $50 million toward businesses reaching underserved markets, minority, women, and veteran-owned businesses. For those businesses that did not receive any funding in the first round, there is $25 million set aside for those small businesses.

“I think in many respects this program has proven to be a lifesaver and a game-changer for so many businesses here in the Commonwealth,” said Gov. Baker.

If you are looking to apply for a small business grant, you can apply at Mass Growth Capital Corp. - Empowering Small Business.

The application is open for five weeks. The state says it will then need about two weeks to go through applications.