Boston School bus driver attacked by student after driver asks him to stop smoking pot on the bus

SOUTH BOSTON — Bloody and bruised, a Boston Public School bus driver tells Boston 25 News that a student viciously assaulted him on the school bus on Wednesday.

“My eyes were all red and I had so much headache due to the injury, that punch you know,” said Jean Blaise, a BPS School Bus driver.

The incident happened after school Wednesday on board the school bus. Blaise, a veteran driver, was taking students from Excel High School on G Street to the nearby Andrew MBTA station.

In picture after picture provided to Boston 25 News by Blaise, you can see the damage done to his face.

The attack was so violent that Blaise says his nose is now broken, his left eye bruised and swollen and he’s also left with severe headaches.

“From that, he broke my nose you know? I was all bleeding you know,” he said.

Blaise told Boston 25 that he noticed a student smoking but says it wasn’t just a cigarette. “They’re smoking marijuana in the back of the bus,” he said.

He asked the student to put out the joint. “I see the smoke going up to the back but the smell comes back into the bus. You know? And I said to put it out.”

And that’s when the student attacked Blaise.

“He did. He smashed me, he punched me in my face. You know,” said Blaise.

A BPS spokesperson confirmed the assault to Boston 25 News and that they have identified the student.

“Head of School Jerleen John reviewed footage of the incident at BPS Headquarters (Central Office) yesterday (2/10) to confirm the identity of the student involved,” says Sharra Gaston, Press Secretary of Boston Public Schools.

As for Blaise, he tells Boston 25 that he’s still reeling physically and emotionally from the attack.