BC students say string of off-campus break-ins is not surprising

BOSTON — Police are investigating numerous late night and early morning burglaries in homes on or near Foster, Greycliff, and Gerald streets in Brighton.  Students who live just off the Boston College campus now have something else to worry about.

“It’s definitely scary,” said B.C. student Emma Healy. “I am very careful to lock my doors every time I leave the house but it’s still very intimidating and scary to know people are always watching waiting to see when we leave.”

The victims say the burglars stole jewelry and electronics, such as laptops.

“So people breaking into apartments and stealing stuff, huh I didn’t know about that,” said B.C. student Mitchell Shaughnessy. “I keep my doors locked, and am not going to stop doing that.”

Police are warning residents to:

• Lock your doors and windows. This includes patio doors and windows on upper floors and keeping those access points secured at all times.

• Remove or secure air-conditioners that are in windows.

• Keep items such as ladders secured and away from your residence.

• Be aware of your surroundings and get to know your neighbors.

• Avoid leaving valuables in plain sight from windows.

• Keep a descriptive inventory of valuables, including serial numbers if applicable.

• Report suspicious activity and persons to the police immediately.

Still, students say this has been an ongoing issue.

“People who came before me, seniors graduating before me say they had the same problem as well,” said Healy.

Police say at this point they don’t have any description of the suspect or suspects.