B.A.A. apologizes for scheduling Boston Marathon on Indigenous Peoples’ Day

BOSTON — The Boston Athletic Association apologized Friday, August 27, for scheduling this year’s Boston Marathon on the same day as Indigenous Peoples’ Day. The non-profit organization said it didn’t intend to take away the opportunity for the Indigenous and Native American Community to celebrate the holiday.

“In selecting the fall date for the Boston Marathon, the Boston Athletic Association (B.A.A.) in no way wanted to take away from Indigenous Peoples’ Day or celebrations for the Indigenous and Native American Community. We extend our sincere apologies to all Indigenous people who have felt unheard or feared the importance of Indigenous Peoples’ Day would be erased. We are sorry.”

—  Boston Athletic Association

B.A.A. continued to say that it plans to take immediate steps with representatives from the Federal and State Recognized Tribes to plan to recognize the holiday during October.

Those plans include having a land acknowledgment that will take place to recognize that the Boston Marathon travels through Indigenous homelands. The non-profit also plans on donating to the Indigenous Peoples’ Day Newton Committee by working through its fiscal agent, Newton Community Pride. It also intends to support work created by the Indigenous Peoples’ Day Newton Committee and be able to fund the committee’s first-ever Indigenous Peoples’ Day Celebration.

The B.A.A. also plans to celebrate previous Boston Marathon runners by presenting them throughout its banner program across Boston. It also wants to recognize Indigenous athletes participating in the 125th Boston Marathon over race weekend and on Indigenous Peoples’ Day.

For more information on the Boston Marathon and how B.A.A. plans to contribute to Indigenous Peoples’ Day, click here.