Massachusetts native turns ordinary objects into extraordinary works of art

FALL RIVER, Mass. — Tom Bob makes magic out of the mundane.

Tom grew up in New Bedford, but moved to New York City nearly 40 years ago to pursue an art career.

About seven years ago he started making street art.

With cans of spray paint he brings streets to life, like the electrical outlets on the side of a Fall River building.

“I can show it to a little kid and big smiles and I can show it to someone in their 80′s and they love it, too. I love the fact that the art I create has a wide range and a really big audience,” he said.

That big audience, thanks to social media, has enabled him to travel the world transforming some of a city’s most ordinary objects into extraordinary works of art.

A manhole cover in Taiwan is now eggs over easy.

An electrical outlet in New Bedford became a man brushing his teeth, and he transformed concrete poles in Westport into Ringo Starr and his drums.

Tom also turned basic basement doors into a mouse and cheese.

“The thing which I try to create as an artist is the emotion of happiness and by doing that having affected millions of people and to give them a quick moment of joy in their life is something that I really aspire to,” he said.

Like in Fall River, where that brick building has sprung to life with two young characters sitting back-to-back listening to Airpods.

Tom does get permission from building owners and the city before starting an art project.

You can follow him on Instagram: @tombobnyc.

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