Marijuana billboard causing controversy along Connecticut highway

A billboard along a Connecticut highway is brewing controversy between residents.

On the federal level, marijuana is still highly illegal, but in neighboring Massachusetts, the substance has been legalized since 2016.

The billboard, put up by "Weed Maps", a company that allows people to find marijuana dispensaries across the country, directs viewers to the new pot shop in Northampton, Mass., 60 miles away.

Some are saying the advertising is innappropriate, citing that weed is still illegal in Connecticut and that it will incentivize people to return home having been or planning to be under the influence.

Protestors and proponents were split over the weekend, some even making parallels to the gun control debate.

"Imagine that the state has made firearms legal or weaponry legal, and you have a billboard come up that says, 'Drive 60 miles to pick up a bump stock,'" said one resident.

"I believe this sign promotes a gateway to a healthier lifestyle, freedom of speech - it says that there's access legally, in the state neighboring," said another resident.

Technically, the billboard itself is advertising for the app, which isn't illegal.

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