Man's death ruled homicide months after being found near Quincy American Legion

Local man's death ruled homicide by medical examiner's office

QUINCY, Mass. — A major development in the investigation into the death of a father who died after, his family says, he was trying to break up a fight in Quincy.

The Medical Examiner's Office says that Christopher McCallum's death was a homicide. The cause: blunt force trauma.

The Medical Examiner's report only confirms what Chris McCallum's family says they knew all along. Someone caused his death, and they are still pleading for witnesses to come forward and identify that person.

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It has been more than six months since Christopher McCallum died, but what led up to his death has remained a mystery. Still, his family has known all along that someone caused his death, and they've been fighting for answers.

The father of three was found bleeding and unconscious January 27 in the parking lot of the Nickerson American Legion Post in Quincy and died a later at Boston Medical Center.

On Tuesday the Medical Examiner's Office confirmed the cause of his death was homicide - something his family suspected from the start. They believed he was punched breaking up a fight.

The Medical Examiner's report ruled his death was caused by "blunt force trauma of head," and that injuries were caused by a fall during a physical altercation.

Since the 44-year-old’s death, his family has been pleading with witnesses to share what they know.

The case was handed over to the Norfolk District Attorney's Office because of concerns about who was at the American Legion Post the day that McCallum died. Many, allegedly, were connected to Quincy Police officers.

McCallum's family says they are still dealing with an immense amount of grief and this re-opens wounds that have only just started to heal.

They released a statement saying:

The McCallum family is relieved to have the finalized medical examiner report and look forward to the completion of the State Police and District Attorney's Office criminal investigation. We are confident that the justice system will prevail for Chris McCallum and his family.

We reached out to the Norfolk County District Attorney’s Office for an update on their investigation. They said they have no comment right now and that the case remains active and ongoing.