• Lynn couple meets man who helped keep them safe after motorcycle crash

    By: Jim Morelli


    They're injuries could take months to heal, but a Lynn couple considers themselves lucky to be alive after getting knocked off their motorcycle last Thursday night by a hit-and-run driver. 

    On Sunday, that couple met the man who stopped traffic on I-95 so they could be brought to safety.

    "I was in the passenger seat," said Corey Dale. "My father saw the bike go down and he just ripped the wheel."

    It was last Thursday night. Dale and his dad were driving north on I-95 through Sharon. Their dashcam fixed on two motorcycles ahead of them when suddenly a car swerved in from the left. 

    "You saw them go off the left median and then kind of jerk the wheel to correct, and they never straightened the car back out," Dale said. "And they went right in between the two bikes." 

    The car wound up hitting one of those bikes. On it were Lynn couple Amy Kosmin and Jerry McCormick. 

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    "And I felt a bang," McCormick said.

    The bike fell in a shower of sparks, the couple knocked to the middle lane of a busy interstate highway. Kosmin remembers tumbling and rolling that seemed to go on forever. 

    "All's I was thinking to myself was, 'as soon as I stop rolling, I need to stop traffic,' because I was so afraid we were going to get run over by a car," she said.

    Dale was thinking the same thing. Once his dad pulled over in the breakdown lane, he pulled out a high-powered flashlight. 

    "So I jumped out and kind of waved it across all three lanes and everybody started slowing down," he said.

    On Sunday, Kosmin and McCormick – injured but alive – met Dale for the first time since he kept them from getting run over on that dark highway. 

    "He was great, he was awesome," McCormick said. "If it wasn't for him, who knows where we would be right now. Corey saved our lives, I think."

    Corey, as you might guess, isn't willing to take full credit for that. 

    "It was a team effort with everybody else that was stopping," he said.

    But just one guy put his life on the line for others.  

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