Luke Perry's CambridgeSide appearance remains among mall's most popular events

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — Luke Perry’s appearance at CambridgeSide in 1991 remains one of the most popular events of the shopping mall’s almost thirty year history.

Perry and Beverly Hills 90210 co-star Ian Ziering appeared by boat on September 28 for CambridgeSide’s grand opening. Season two of the show was just beginning.

The pair played high school heartthrobs Dylan McKay and Steve Sanders.

Karl Gossett, a college student living in Boston at the time, was in the audience. He now lives in Texas, but looking back on that day during a phone interview on Monday with Boston 25 News, Gossett compared the crowd to when The Beatles had just landed in American in 1964.

“The whole area was surrounded by these screaming teenagers, taking photos and waving,” Gossett said. “People were running and trying to follow the boat.”

Jennifer Rotigliano, CambridgeSide’s Vice President of Marketing, told Boston 25 News in a statement:

"In 1991, CambridgeSide hosted Luke Perry at the center.  His wildly successful appearance brought in thousands of eager fans.  This event was one of the most popular appearances that CambridgeSide has held in our almost thirty year history.  Luke Perry was a true entertainer and fan favorite. "

Perry died on Monday at the age of 52.