Luck of the draw: Couple adopts three biological brothers by chance

SUDBURY, Mass. — The Curries started off by adopting one child last year.

Helena and her partner KC Currie, of Sudbury, took their first leap in this journey and went through the process to adopt 18-month-old Joey.

"So we took a little leap, decided to enroll in the training course and learned about it and it's been a series of little leaps since then," said Helena.

As the Currie family was coming together, the next step was to adopt a sibling for Joey.

While the Curries were hoping for a little girl, the universe had different plans.

Instead, they were told a six-week-old boy was in need of a home. It turns out, the baby boy, named Noah, was Joey's biological baby brother.

"It's some part of Joey and we loved Joey and Joey was ours so of course we're going to say yes to this baby," said KC.

Unbeknown to the Curries was that they were missing the final piece to the family puzzle - Joey and Noah's biological middle brother, Logan.

However, another family was already in the process on adopting Logan, but that fell through.

On Friday, Logan and Noah will officially join the Currie family on national adoption day.

"We work with a lot of sibling groups and it's not easy to place multiple kids," said Karen Ludington, who works with the Seven Hills Foundation. "So to us, this is one of the miracle families."

Adopting a child is already a difficult process as is, but to keeping biological siblings in the same family is very rare.

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