Lowell man delivers own baby on side of highway

WINCHESTER, Mass. — A Lowell man had a special delivery to deal with on the highway: his own baby.

Samuel Beyene's wife Rahel Estifanos called him at work Wednesday morning, saying she was having contractions.

"We start driving, and all of a sudden,she says, 'Oh my god, something is pushing. Something is coming out,'" Beyene said.  "I say 'Ok, we’re almost there. We have ten minutes to go.' She says 'No, no, no, Sammy, you don’t know there's coming out.' And I look down and I see the head."

Before they could make it to the hospital, Beyene pulled over on the side of Route 93.

Wilmington Police dispatchers told Beyene on the phone that they were on their way, but their new baby, Lidya, was impatient.

"Slowly but surely, I pull the baby up," Bayne said. "All of a sudden, the baby is in my hand."

The mother and baby are happy and healthy, resting at Winchester Hospital.

Now that the stress is over, Beyene can joke about the situation.

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"We're gonna give her a little nickname, 93, at the bottom," Beyene said. "Lidya 93, since she was on the highway."