Wu: Reports of kids found with drugs and sex toys inside unsanitary Southie apartment are false

BOSTON — Boston Mayor Michelle Wu says the reports that four children were found inside a Southie apartment filled with drugs and sex toys over the weekend are false.

On Friday, Wu told Boston 25 News that someone did die inside the Mary Ellen McCormack Complex in South Boston on Saturday but the reports detailing ‘a house or horrors’ at the scene are not true.

“There have not actually been reports directly from first responders. Some of the information that’s been floating out there have been some second and third-hand accounts from those who are not at the scene and I think this is an important reminder that it’s important to have a grounding in the facts of what’s occurred and to let the proper authorities do the investigations,” said Wu. “We will do whatever it takes to protect our children in this city but that also means not fueling conspiracy theories.”

Boston Police clarified the circumstances of the apartment Wednesday night, stating that when first responders arrived at the apartment for a report of an unconscious person, officers did not see drugs or sex toys at the scene and that the parents of the children were present and fully cooperative with police, contradicting details from a Boston Fire Department report.

Boston 25 asked members of the Boston Fire Department about the differing accounts.

Commissioner Paul Burke of the Boston Fire Department said‚ ”We’re not an investigative agency, so we’re not investigating anyone. That is a police issue.” He said he stands by his firefighters’ report, which has yet to officially be made public.

“What our firefighters put in our report is accurate and it should not be questioned,” said Sam Dillion, President Fire Fighters Union IAFF Local 718. As for what city councilors were reporting they were told, “As far I am concerned that is all hearsay, that is all politics,” said Dillion.

Fire and police both submitted DCF reports. DCF took custody of the four children.

“It’s hard to separate children from family members unless there is real evidence,” said Eric Murphy, Boston City Councilor At-Large. “Right now, I am open to seeing why they didn’t land on the same facts just yet,” said Murphy.

The Department of Children and Families said in a statement to Boston 25, “The Department of Children and Families has taken custody of the children who live in the home.”

In a statement to Boston 25 regarding the case, the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office said, “We’re aware of the incident and the investigation and will appropriately prosecute any arrests that result. At this moment, no charges have been issued.”

On Wednesday, City Councilor Erin Murphy demanded answers to what was described to her as a “disturbing” scene.

“A lot of drug paraphernalia and sex toys all around and then one of the firefighters said that they heard a cry for help,” said Murphy. “That there were four children in the back room, and I am hearing that the adults in the apartment were not wanting first responders to go back when they heard kids crying for help, so that is very disturbing to me.”

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