Wakefield man converts an old Pontiac Firebird into the iconic K.I.T.T. of Knight Rider Fame

WAKEFIELD, Mass. — It’s one of the most recognizable cars in television history and now K.I.T.T., from the cult tv show, Knight Rider, is cruising the streets of Massachusetts.

Frank D’Angeli of Wakefield is bringing the car to life and made the leap from fantasy to reality all for a great cause. “My wife and I like to say the original K.I.T.T. made criminals cry. This K.I.T.T. makes people smile,” D’Angeli said.

D’Angeli bought a stripped-down 1990 Pontiac Firebird and converted it into a modern-day K.I.T.T. After sinking $32,000 of his own money into the car D’Angeli ran out of cash for a new paint job. But Woburn Foreign Auto Body, and its owner, Albrecht Auto Group, donated along with the paint supply company, Finish Master. The companies chipped in with $13,000 in supplies and labor. The result is an exterior replica of the world-famous supercar, which stops fans in their tracks.

“It’s not every day you see K.I.T.T. in Wakefield,” said J.R. Covelle a fan of Knight Rider.

After watching an old episode of Knight Rider, when K.I.T.T. visited sick kids at a hospital, D’Angeli became obsessed with the idea, so he launched ‘KITT4Kids’ Fundraiser by Frank D’Angeli: Help K.I.T.T. greet hospitalized children (gofundme.com). D’Angeli plans to bring the car to hospitals, including Boston Children’s, where he works.

“To think that maybe I can do something that brings some happiness to people who are going through such heartache, that’s all you can ask for,” he said

Legendary actor, 94-year-old William Daniels, the original voice of K.I.T.T., even recorded special messages for this K.I.T.T. for the kids. “He’ll ask how are you? What’s your name. Hope you’re feeling better. Thank you so much for having me. Stuff like that,” D’Angeli said.

Frank D’Angeli is just one man trying to make a difference with a talking car. In addition to bringing K.I.T.T. to hospitals, D’Angeli wants to use K.I.T.T. to fundraise for local police and firefighters, as well.

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