US Attorney: Wakefield teen raised money for ISIS, wanted to move abroad to join terrorist group

WORCESTER, Mass. — A Wakefield teenager was arrested Thursday on charges he allegedly ran a gift-card reselling scheme aimed at raising money for the foreign terrorist organization ISIS, federal prosecutors said.

Mateo Ventura, 18, was ordered held after he was arraigned in federal court in Worcester on a charge of knowingly concealing the source of material support or resources to a foreign terrorist organization, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office of Massachusetts.

Ventura provided multiple gift cards to an individual he believed was an ISIS supporter, with the intention that the gift cards be sold on the dark web for a little less than face value and the resulting profits be used to support ISIS, prosecutors alleged in charging documents.

Ventura allegedly stated that he wanted the proceeds to go to ISIS “for war on kuffar,” (disbelievers).

Between January 2023 and May 2023, Ventura donated $705 in Google Play Store gift cards intended to support ISIS, according to prosecutors.

Ventura implicated himself in the scheme by conversing in lengthy conversations with an undercover FBI agent who was posing as a supporter of the terror group, documents indicate. He also expressed a desire to move abroad to join and fight with ISIS.

On Jan. 26, 2023, when asked about hijrah (traveling to join ISIS), Ventura allegedly stated, “I want to give my life for jihad fisabillah (for the sake of Allah) intention is pure from heart,” and also stated that he would “make good fighter for dawla (ISIS).”

A chat log about the desired move was included in the documents. It reads as follows:

OCE: How long take for passport?

VENTURA: a month of two

OCE: Able to pay for flight? Also need money for pay smugglers?

VENTURA: Yes have a stack of cash.

OCE: After get passport u want leave?


OCE: Have zawja [wife]? Family?

OCE: Only u go.

VENTURA: Only me yes family stay

Investigators noted that Ventura didn’t turn 18 until December 2022. In August 2021, he first expressed interest in joining ISIS when he was still a minor, the documents showed.

Ventura’s father, Paul, said his son is a loyal American who may have a fascination with terrorist organizations, but no desire for affiliation.

He partially blames the school system for his son’s predicament. “So he’s in his SPED (special education)  class and the kids in the SPED class are looking at school shootings and terrorist attacks in school,” Ventura said. “That’s what he’s learning in his SPED class.”

Paul Ventura told reporters outside of court that his son suffers from learning and neurological deficits that have made his academic career “very difficult.” He also explained that his son was bullied to a point that forced him to leave Wakefield High School in 2022, a year before he was slated to graduate.

We wanted to know how Wakefield Public Schools handles bullying complaints. But our query went unanswered.

Paul Ventura said this is the second time Mateo has dealt with the FBI. About a year ago, he said, agents were unable to charge the high schooler and his son wound up setting up what was supposed to be a friendly meeting at their Wakefield home with FBI agents.

“He wanted to show them how people were getting on the computer and communicating without being detected,” he said.

But in court documents, the FBI said Mateo Ventura used encryption common to other ISIS supporters in his online conversations with the undercover agent.

Paul Ventura added that his son was “railroaded” and that the allegations against him are “unintentional.”

“It’s almost thought it’s like they put something in front of him and sucked him in,” he said. “If he did it, he did it unintentionally. I’m telling you right now. If he did it he did it unintentionally.”

The charge of knowingly concealing the source of material support or resources to a foreign terrorist organization provides for a sentence of up to 10 years in prison, up to a lifetime of supervised release, and a fine of up to $250,000.

A federal judge ordered Mateo Ventura held until June 14, when a decision will be made on bail.

View the criminal complaint below:

This is a developing story. Check back for updates as more information becomes available.

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