Two men arrested after Brookline homeowner caught them on video attempting break-in

BROOKLINE, Mass. — An attempted break-in at a home on Woodland Road near the Country Club was posted online by Brookline Police.

“The quick thinking of the homeowner who called us right when he saw them on his surveillance camera,” said Brookline Police Sgt. Rob.

“He saw 2 people with masks walking around his backyard,” said Deputy Paul Campbell of the Brookline Police Department.

The surveillance video, taken on Sunday, shows two burglars trying to scale the wall of the house. That’s when the owner called 911 as he watched this all unfold on his home video.

“He did the right thing he called 911 right away and he monitored where they were and he did a great job he was calm and clear and he didn’t tip off the suspects,” said Supt. Campbell.

That quick action enabled the police to get there right away.

“The officers got there and the suspects didn’t know that we were coming and they tried to run but didn’t get far,” said Supt. Campbell.

Luckily, police quickly caught the two men and told Boston 25 that one of the suspects was armed.

“You never know what could happen. One of these suspects had a loaded handgun,” said Supt. Campbell.

Superintendent Campbell says police are usually only three to four minutes away and he added that these arrests are textbook, the kind every officer hopes for.

“It’s nice to catch the bad guys and you’re there to protect the residents of Brookline and I think most of them are real happy to get a call like this and have it work out the way that it did,” said Supt. Campbell.

The suspects have been identified as Mounssif Fellahi and Akram Boudhan. Both are being held in custody for now.

Boudhan will have a dangerousness hearing on Thursday while Fellahi’s bail has been set at $10K.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates as more information becomes available.

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