‘Truly epic moment’: Rare synchronized whale breach off Cape Cod leaves family stunned

PROVINCETOWN, Mass. — A day of fishing in the water off Cape Cod quickly turned into the memory of a lifetime for a family when a trio of whales breached in sync in close view of their boat.

Robert Addie shared video of the magnificent display with Boston 25 that showed the massive marine mammals jumping out of the water near Provincetown on July 24.

Addie, who was out fishing with his daughters and son-in-law, was rolling at the perfect moment and was able to capture a video of the synchronized aerial ballet.

A juvenile whale then followed up the showing with a breach of its own, about 500 yards away from their boat.

Addie noted that he’s had whales approach and rub his boat, but never anything like this stunning spectacle.

“I’ve been on the water a long time. I’ve worked sword and tuna out of Gloucester. I worked fishing in Alaska as a young man and I’ve seen a lot of whales,” Addie said. “I’ll tell ya, I’ve never seen a triple in sync like that...Every time I take my phone out to take a picture of these guys, they go away. And bang. Just pure luck. Wow, what a sight!”

Addie described the day on the water with his family as a “truly epic moment.”

“It was spectacular. Literally, I’ve seen thousands of whales,” Addie said. “I was stunned by the whales and stunned that I got it on video...Nobody would believe it if we didn’t capture it.”

Philip Hamilton, senior scientist at the New England Aquarium, confirmed that the whales were humpbacks. He said it’s not uncommon for simultaneous breaching, though three in unison is a “bit rarer” and “pretty cool.”

Hamilton noted that the whales weren’t breaching for food, but instead to possibly aid digestion, remove parasites, communicate acoustically, or just have fun.

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