TikTok trend has parents telling their kids to fight

BOSTON, Mass. — The trend of parents messing with their kids for social media likes is becoming more popular.

There have been a ton of these prank videos over the years, one of the more recent ones is where a parent tells their child to put on their shoes to help them out in a potential fight.

A few examples can be found by clicking here.

While many may laugh at these videos, licensed psychologist and CEO of Innopsych, Inc. Dr. Charmain Jackman says this could potentially be traumatizing to the child.

“Some of the children in the videos are very young, and I think about the trajectory,” said Dr. Jackman. “This is really not teaching children how to engage in conflict resolution at all.”

Whether the parent walks separate directions from their spouse, making the child choose a favorite, or tell the child they’ve eaten all the Halloween candy to get a reaction or wake a child up from sleep with a scream, many of the videos get a lot of likes, but Jackman says that could be part of the problem.

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