‘There’s nothing like Boston’: Thousands of runners crossed the finish line of the Boston Marathon

BOSTON — Boston’s Back Bay is buzzing with excitement now into the night as runners, wearing their marathon medals, head out with family and friends after one of the biggest accomplishments of their lives.

“I think we’re going for margaritas and Mexican, so I’m looking to eat a lot of chips and queso and have a couple of margs to celebrate,” said Meeghan Michalewicz, who finished the Boston Marathon. “And very cool just wherever you go people are always saying congrats and everybody’s the support here is really special.”

Thousands went out to celebrate after finishing the Boston Marathon.

“Well we have had a few beers, so we may be acting a little odd,” said Jackie Jacobs. “But it was difficult it was tough today because it was so hot, and we’re not used to that being from Toronto and training in cold weather.”

The warm weather was a big challenge for a lot of runners Monday.

Many struggled to make it across the finish line.

“The heat was not a factor I was prepared for today, so probably slowed me down a bit, just trying to get from one Poland Springs station to the next,” said Alex Casciato.

“People were having trouble, people were tipping over, a couple people collapsed, and they got help right away but yeah I think the heat was getting to a lot of us,” said Becky Blodgett.

But the heat didn’t stop so many from finishing the race.

Runners say it’s the spectators that really helped them get there.

“The fans are second to none and they’ll get you over those hard moments,” said Jason Schlosser.

“There’s people cheering from mile 1 until the end it’s incredible,” said Mike Alberts.

“There’s nothing like Boston, just the energy of people here is really, really inspiring,” said Blodgett.

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