Video game console prompted evacuation of terminal at Boston Logan Airport

BOSTON — Chaos at Logan Airport Sunday as passengers were forced to evacuate for a bomb scare.

“I checked in early trying to get on my flight and out of nowhere I had my headphones on and out of nowhere I see the whole crowd, people yelling and screaming like it was out of a movie,” said Nico Pisello, a passenger.

People flying out of Terminal A say everyone ran outside after the Bomb Squad was called in to investigate a suspicious package.

“I was waiting on something and I just see, like just out of the movies, people like sprinting, screaming out the door,” said Shaun Hartwell. “So I was like I guess I should walk out, so I walked out and everybody flooded out of the airport.”

Travelers say for a while they didn’t know what happened.

“There was an employee door, I’ve never seen a more scared person in my entire life, won’t let me inside in case I’m the threat,” said Pisello.

Police say around 4 p.m. TSA agents noticed a suspicious package going through security for a Delta flight.

After police investigated, they learned it was an old PlayStation video game console that may have been damaged.

“The condition of the console caused abnormalities in the image produced when it was x-rayed, prompting the screeners’ concern,” said a spokesperson with Mass State Police.

“I think the craziest part was no other terminal knew what was going on, so I’m on the bus and everybody else is normal and my heart is racing,” said Pisello.

Passengers say it was nerve-racking for a while, and now many of them are dealing with delayed flights.

But most travelers say they understand why police had to take this seriously.

“I think all things considered security personnel are doing the best they can to keep us safe so as long as they help us to get to where we’re going then that’s all I can ask for,” said Hartwell.

Massachusetts State Police say they gave the ‘all clear’ around 5 p.m. to let passengers back inside the airport.

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