Suffolk County

Former, current and future leaders turn out to support new governor

BOSTON — The thunderous applause broke out as soon as Governor Maura Healey officially took up the title. Her number two, Lieutenant Governor Kim Driscoll, took the oath next. Their speeches hit on climate change, transportation and housing. “Let’s chart our path forward, walk it together into the next chapter of the Massachusetts story,” said Healey in her speech.

The 73rd Governor had a lot of support show up, including former governors from both parties, and Republican Bill Weld. “It’s a very good day. It’s the most orderly transfer of power I can conceive of,” said Weld. Democrat Michael Dukakis came with the advice — pick good people and don’t ignore the T.  “This is a city and state that care a lot about transportation. They like public transportation and they want to like it…and ride it,” said Dukakis.

Former US Senator John Kerry, who now serves on the US Special Presidential Envoy for Climate, attended.  “We have a lot to do on the climate issue and I’ve already chatted with her about a few things and I look forward to go after it and see where we are,” said Kerry.

Attorney General-elect Andrea Campbell will be sworn in later this month and told us today’s swearing-in was moving.  “It’s an exciting time for Massachusetts. People are worried they can’t afford to pay rent, whether their rights are protect but today they should celebrate as we welcome new leadership in the state,” said Campbell.

Republican State Senator Steven Xiarhos believes both parties will get a lot done. “I’m looking forward to working with her and her team. But today is about celebrating something very special,” said Xiarhos.

Mayor Michelle Wu seemed like the speeches hit all of the right buttons. “Childcare, healthcare, transportation. It’s a really exciting moment. We have leaders here who have the pulse of our residents. Who know this is a moment of great opportunity and one we have to seize on,” said Wu.

Now comes the work. “Getting up and doing the work and just really grateful we are residents of the Commonwealth and incredibly privileged to taking this office,” said Healey.

Governor Healey told Boston 25 News they are still assembling their cabinet but the first cabinet meeting is scheduled for tomorrow. She also said in her speech — they will have a new MBTA Chief within 60 days.