Students with opposing abortion care views rally on Harvard campus

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — Students at Harvard University on both sides of the abortion care question held rallies at the same time on campus. Some supporting opposing abortion rights and some supporting abortion rights.

“It is a life philosophically and scientifically since conception, and we have to defend that life. That is the basis for all of our other rights is the right to life,” a student said. 

“I’m pro-choice over this issue. I think the federal government legalizing abortion is a great thing. Obviously if you are pro-life you don’t think that way,” a student said.

The students organized rallies on campus for noon – and peacefully voiced their opinions, but admitted it was difficult to hear the opposing beliefs.

“There is still hope. It is not set in stone yet, but seeing that debate between the two sides was very difficult. I definitely got emotional myself how real this is,” said a student. 

“Every life counts, and you just can’t take an arbitrary line when someone becomes a person or not. No we’re saying everyone deserves to be loved,” said a student.

New England Law Boston Professor Lawrence Friedman explains the high court usually has multiple drafts and the one leaked was a draft from February.  

“Although it might be different in June, I would be surprised if there were not a lot of changes,” he said. 

Friedman also points out this case focuses on giving states the control to make abortion care decisions – not outright banning abortions.  

“There’s some language in the opinion that the unborn have the same rights as people who are born. That is not what this case was about,” said Friedman. “It wasn’t what was centrally argued, and it is unlikely even this majority would go that far. That would probably be a case down the road,” said Friedman.

Students here seem to know they will be thinking about this for quite some time.

“I think everyone is out here with a spirit of joy and positivity, and ultimately we want to share a message of love and hope,” said a student.

The students with differing opinions are also telling us they are just relieved they are in a place where they can publicly voice their opinions, no matter what they are.

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