Police: Driver from Alaska killed by debris from another vehicle in Danvers

Victim had just arrived from Alaska for vacation in Massachusetts

Danvers, Mass. — A couple from Alaska on a three-week vacation were headed north on I-95 on a trip they had planned for more than a year.

“My mom especially liked to travel and my dad would do anything to make my mom happy,” said Jennifer Hoadley.

Their trip was barely starting when it suddenly and violently ended after a piece of metal flew off a truck and into the windshield of the car, killing her father who was driving.

Hoadley spoke from Alaska to Boston 25 about her father, 69-year-old Thomas Arrington. She said he and her mom, 68-year-old Sherri Arrington, traveled quite a bit and this was a special trip.

“Their 45th wedding anniversary was in August and they are going to hit all the states they needed so my mom could’ve been in all 50 states,” said Hoadley.

But that was not to be. A doctor called Hoadley this morning at 6 a.m. Alaska time.

“I said ‘Is my mom OK? She goes, ‘Your mom is.’ I said, ‘What happened to my dad?’” said Hoadley.

Hoadley said her dad was a teacher who planned to retire next year.

“So, he spent the summer building a workshop on the back of my house with my 16-year-old son so my dad would have a place to tinker and play and enjoy retirement,” she said.

She’ll always remember his kindness to others.

“I just want my dad remembered for being a loving, generous and caring person,” said Hoadley.

That was especially so with her mom. She says his last act proves it because even while gravely injured he pulled over to make sure his wife was safe.

“He saved my mom’s life, the last thing the selfless man did was make sure my mom was OK and that’s just who he always was,” said Hoadley.

So far, no charges have been filed against the driver of the dump truck.

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