From rent control to migrant shelters: Boston 25 Gets Real about the state’s housing issues

BOSTON — Boston 25 News is committed to Getting Real about issues impacting our community, and for so many of us, the cost of housing is a huge concern. Our team of reporters is taking a closer look at those issues, and highlighting possible solutions in this 30-minute in-depth special.

Affording rent in the Boston area is a struggle for many families. Boston 25′s Ray Villeda has reaction to a Rent Control initiative clearing the first hurdle to appear on the November 2024 ballot and what that could mean for both renters and landlords. We’ll take a closer look at rental bidding wars that are erupting as eager renters are forced to spend thousands in advance to secure an apartment and hear from experts what you can do to get an edge. Brokers fees are costing renters extra money on top of their rent. Boston 25′s Drew Karedes looks deeper into why they are legal in Massachusetts but not allowed in most other states. And we’ll see how no-fault evictions are impacting long-term city residents.

Migrant housing is effecting communities from the North Shore the South Shore and towns in-between. Hear from local leaders about their concerns about the impact as the state brings in reinforcements to help with logistics.

And we’ll look at multigenerational homes, where young people – unable to afford rent- chose to move back home with their parents in growing numbers. Hear what financial expert say families need to know if they choose to all live under the same roof.


This is a developing story. Check back for updates as more information becomes available.

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