Police video shows Adam Montgomery refused to talk to police about his missing daughter, Harmony

Almost three years after 5 year old Harmony Montgomery was last seen alive in New Hampshire, her father, Adam Montgomery appeared in a Manchester courtroom, trying to have evidence against him thrown out.

And during that hours long hearing, authorities released police video that showed Adam Montgomery refusing to answer questions about Harmony’s disappearance.

Harmony Montgomery was last seen in late November or early December 2019.

NH Authorities believe she was murdered, Harmony’s remains have never been found.

Adam Montgomery is not charged with Harmony’s disappearance, but he is facing charges that he allegedly abused her.

Montgomery’s lawyers are trying to get statements Adam made to police early in the investigation thrown out because they might be used against him at his upcoming trial.

In Manchster, NH Police body cam video recorded on New Years Eve 2021 when Adam was first taken into custody, Adam made it clear to responding officers that he would not talk about Harmony.

“People are concerned…” one officer said to Adam Montgomery.

“I’m not talking about nothing. Am I under arrest?” Adam responded.

“No you’re not. Right now you are being detained,” the officer said.

Days later, on January 4th, two Manchester Police Detectives tried again.

As the interrogation began, Adam Montgomery was recorded on video waiving his Miranda rights.

But when the conversation turned towards his missing daughter, Adam Montgomery refused to budge.

One Detective begged Montgomery for help.

The session ended with Adam Montgomery asking for an attorney.

Det John Dunleavy: “Can you make me a promise? Like man to man. Can you tell me that she’s alive?”

Adam Montgomery: “You’re going to play the same word games that you played with me the other day?”

Det. Dunleavy: “No, no. It’s not word games.”

Adam Montgomery: “I got nothing else to say.”

Det. Scott Riley: “It’s because we care, man. We want to know.”

Adam Montgomery: “I got nothing.”

Several times during the interview, Adam Montgomery, who was talkative about other things, refused to answer any questions about Harmony’s whereabouts.

Det. Dunleavy: “This isn’t going to stop.”

Adam Montgomery: “I know it’s not.”

Det Dunleavy: “Either get on the bus now or get run over.”

Adam Montgomery: “I got nothing else to say. I want a lawyer with me.”

A judge will determine if these comments Adam Montgomery made to police will ever be shown to a jury.

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