Police investigating an alleged assault on local musician by a group of young men near South Station

BOSTON — Boston Police are investigating an alleged violent assault on a 20-year-old musician outside South Station

The incident, which was caught on video by witnesses and has been shared widely on social media, happened near Atlantic Avenue and Summer Street.

Family and friends of Adam Neufell tell Boston 25 he was knocked unconscious and suffered serious injuries. Neufell was taken to the emergency department at Tufts Medical Center by ambulance where he was treated for a broken nose and a concussion.

“Adam is a hard-working diligent kid trying to follow his dreams,” said Dina Warchal, a family friend of Adam. “Because of concussion light sensitivity and noise sensitivity, how do you follow your dreams.”

Neufell and his girlfriend Celia Joseph were spending some time walking around the city Thursday night. The alleged assault happened just after midnight Friday morning as they were attempting to make their way home after missing a train.

A witness pulled over and shared a video with Neufell’s girlfriend after the incident. It shows several young men attacking Neufell before running back to a waiting SUV.

The video also shows the make and model of the SUV and a Massachusetts license plate. Boston 25 has blurred the faces of the people in the group and the Massachusetts license plate of the SUV they were in because no charges have been filed at this point.

Neufell’s family says young men approached the couple from inside the SUV, as they were walking near the MBTA’s South Station, yelled something at Adam about his long hair, and made other derogatory comments.

The victim’s family says the videos that have been circulating on social media show the group of young men knocking Nuefell down.The videos also show the group punching and kicking Nuefell while he is on the ground. As his girlfriend, Celia Joseph tried to step in, the group runs back to the SUV in question and leaves the scene. The family tells Boston 25 they are grateful an anonymous witness on the scene “airdropped” one of the videos to Celia Joseph’s cell phone before leaving the scene.

The couple had missed the last train out of the city and were waiting for Joseph’s parents to arrive and pick them up.

Neufell is the drummer of a well-known local band called “Young Other” and recently returned from playing at the “Welcome to Rockville” festival at the Daytona Speedway down in Florida. The family is concerned about how quickly Adam will recover and get back to playing and touring again.

“Please keep Adam, his girlfriend Celia, and their families in your thoughts and prayers for a quick, healthy, full recovery. Please be patient with us, while also respecting the privacy of Adam and his family. We love you Adam,❤️” said Neufell’s bandmates in a post on Instagram.

Boston Police say no arrests have been made, and they interviewed the victim when they arrived on the scene. The attack is being investigated as an assault and battery.

A spokesperson for Boston Mayor Michelle Wu told Boston 25 News that “Violence has absolutely no place in the City of Boston. Boston Police are actively investigating the situation.”

This is a developing story. Check back for updates as more information becomes available.

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