Oppressive heat & humidity forces several school districts to dismiss early Monday

WORCESTER, Mass. — With temperatures set to climb into the mid-90s once again Monday, many school districts across Massachusetts are sending students home early for the day.

Students in Worcester will be sent home three hours earlier on Monday and Tuesday.

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The district posted the announcement on Twitter late Sunday afternoon, saying lunch and water will still be provided. But school officials are encouraging parents to send their children to school with extra water.

Students in Lexington will have a half-day of school Monday.

Braintree, Lowell, Watertown, Westford, and Winchester are also sending students home early Monday.

High school students in Stoneham will also have an early dismissal.

All students in Wellesley, except for high school students, will be dismissed early Monday and Tuesday.

Some of the biggest factors in the decision to dismiss early are that many school buildings don’t have air conditioning and that water fountains are still off-limits due to COVID-19 precautions.

Some parents in Worcester told Boston 25 they were surprised and caught off guard by the district’s decision to have an early dismissal Monday.

“It was kind of last minute,” said Elizabeth Yilmaz, whose son attends Quinsigamond Elementary School in Worcester. “I’m kind of like a stay-at-home mom, so I got lucky in that way, but I know a lot of parents that had to make last-minute arrangements, and some of them just called out, not going to work because they couldn’t make arrangements.”

Another parent told Boston 25 he agreed with the district’s choice to let students out of school early.

“I thought it was a good idea because by the time the kids would’ve gotten out of school today at 2:25 p.m., it would’ve been hot for them to be out,” said Jose Cartagena. “I know it’s a problem for some parents, but for me, I’d rather have her come out early and avoid being out in the hotter heat, than you know, being in school.”