Only in New England: Open sunroof on warm Saturday leads to snow-filled seat Sunday

SCITUATE, Mass. — This is one of those only in New England stories. A Scituate man spent Valentine’s Day removing a ton of snow from inside his car. The pictures will leave anyone saying, “Snow, my goodness!”

“When I opened the van, I’m thinking it’s Valentine’s Day,” said Steve Maguire. “It’s my wife’s car. This is not going to end well. I came in and said, I hope you’re in a good mood because there are about nine inches of snow in the van.”

Inside Steve Maguire’s wife’s car was about 24 hours’ worth of snowfall that would’ve been outside the car if only he had just shut the sunroof.

“The ironic part of all of this to me is I am a high school teacher, and one of the classes I teach is meteorology,” said Maguire. “So I knew it was going to snow.”

He says the honest mistake happened after taking his family out for a much-needed drive Saturday. They were stuck in the house quarantined all week after some of them contracted COVID 19.

“We had the windows open, and we had the sunroof open, and it was 63 degrees here in Scituate, and it’s February, it’s amazing,” Maguire said.

But the weather Saturday turned into non-stop snow Sunday. Maguire didn’t notice until it was time to take the kids to school Monday.

“I thought it was funny because he’s done this before when it rains,” said his son Nolan.

Wait, yes, he’s done this before.

“I think the main one was like the second day we had the car,” said Maguire. “I was the one that pushed for the sunroof too. So, it’s not a good fit. I don’t think.”

But wait, there’s more. Ten years ago, he let a squirrel in.

“Our kids had goldfish and food in the van, and then I had left the door open previously, and I closed it overnight, and unbeknownst to myself, it trapped the squirrel in there,” said Maguire. “The squirrel went crazy that night and had kind of torn it apart.”

So if you’re wondering how Mrs. Maguire responded, it’s “snow surprise.”

“She just laughed,” said Maguire. “Good or bad, she wasn’t surprised.”

Here’s the good news. Maguire says the snow was just on the driver’s seat and middle console, and it was dry and fluffy, allowing him to get most of it out easily. He says all the electronics were working fine. He hopes it stays that way.

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