One week after historic flooding in Leominster, city declared federal disaster area

LEOMINSTER, Mass. — The Federal Emergency Management Administration has answered Leominster’s call for help. Leominster was declared a federal disaster area by President Joe Biden, according to the city’s mayor Dean Mazzarella.

This comes a week after a stretch of Route 117 on Lancaster Road took a beating last Monday when unprecedented rain flooded the city.

“It was scary I’ve been out here all my life and I’ve never seen something like that,” said Jessica Rodriguez who belongs to a church along the brook that flooded last week.

Joe Simmons who has lived here for 30 years agrees. He tells Boston 25 News that his retaining wall came tumbling down after it was undermined by torrents of water.

“Probably half of it went at night and when I came out in the morning the rest of it came down,” said Jim Simmons who lives on Lancaster Street.

With all the rain that fell on Monday, the Fall Book was flowing pretty well. However, neighbors say it’s nothing like a week ago when a deluge of nine inches or more caused that water to rise right over the bridge on Route 117, causing all kinds of damage.

Besides Simmon’s wall toppling, roads were washed out and houses were flooded.

So, the rain all day Monday had people understandably on edge.

“Oh yeah, yeah but I’ve been watching the radar and most of it went east of us so,” said Simmons.

Just to be safe, Jessica came to check on her church.

“I did I was here at 1 o’clock to make sure we had enough sandbags back there just in case. So far so good,” said Rodriguez.

With all that’s happened she says Leominster and its people make her happy to live here.

“I’m proud of Leominster I think we came together well. I know a lot of families that got impacted and a lot of people came together to help them out,” she said.

There is a link on the city of Leominster’s web page and Facebook page to fill out forms for federal aid.

They will determine who is eligible, but you must apply to qualify.

The deadline for submitting a forms accept form is September 29th.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates as more information becomes available.

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