North Shore mom listens to own advice, creates business that helps people find the right career path

DANVERS, Mass — For 15 years, a North Shore mother worked in the corporate world to help pay the bills and provide for her family. But there was something missing—she wasn’t feeling fulfilled in her own life. The Danvers woman created her own company to help people like herself, find the perfect career path.

“We graduate school, most of our lives are spent in two places: in our careers and in our sleep,” said Alicia Ramsdell at a recent TedX talk. “Why not optimize where and how we spend that time.”

North Shore native Alicia Ramsdell spoke at a TEDx event in Maine, sharing ideas on how to better yourself and your career path. But before Alicia started her own business, she too, felt stuck and in need of inspiration.

“I just led a career by default, as I like to call it,” said Ramsdell. “I was good at mathematics and I went into accounting and that progressed into tax and not really fulfilling, but paid the bills. And there was a lot of job security in that industry.”

Alicia says she realized she needed to listen to the advice she often gave her kids.

“I would say you guys can be whatever you want when you grow up,” said Ramsdell. “You don’t have to do what other people tell you to do. You can do what you want. And I wasn’t living that truth, so I started to feel a little bit guilty.

Alicia started piecing together what made her feel fulfilled, like helping college interns set up networks with high-ranking employees in her company. In 2019, she finally decided to follow her own advice.

“Don’t be afraid to fail in the career of your dreams,” said Ramsdell. “Be afraid to succeed in the career of your nightmares.”

Alicia launched her own company, Mindful Career Path, right as the pandemic started and many people were reflecting on their lives and rethinking their careers.

“It was such an eye-opener because I don’t think career is something that you just find, and it’s found,” said Latika Karnani. “It evolves like personality and she was insistent that we be aware of it.”

Latika was Alicia’s first client. After just a month of career coaching, Latika says she landed the perfect job.

“It’s not just that she will teach you how to find a fulfilling job, but she will make you connect with people who have fulfilling jobs and are strong in their team so you get inspiration from various dimensions,” said Karnani.

Alicia has since expanded her business to corporate clients—which goes hand in hand with employee satisfaction.

“We’ve started to see that when we start to line up the focus on employee wellness, employee development, career fulfillment, naturally what comes next is increase productivity, increase retention, increase engagement and profitability and growth,” said Ramsdell.

Alicia helps people locally and around the globe. But she says what really makes her feel fulfilled is being that inspiration to her own kids--proving they truly can do whatever they want.

“I just feel like when we’re feeling fulfilled and whether that’s in your career or anywhere else in life, we’re better people outside of it,” said Ramsdell.

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