Norfolk County

Plow drought in parts of the state

RANDOLPH, Mass. — The plowing business is in a dry spell for a good part of the state. Drivers tell us they have been busy getting their trucks ready but not using them. The roads have been mostly blacktop in a good part of the state. No plows or snow blowers needed in this hotel parking lot in Randolph. But plow drivers say they are busy getting their trucks ready for the inevitable.

Paul McDermott is prepping his plows at West Corner Farm & Garden in Randolph — but so far this year he had not had to drop the plow. “Usually at this point you would have 1 to 3 already in the chute,” said McDermott. McDermott charges his customers based on how much snow falls. “It’s graduated so more snow is more money,” said McDermott. “You are not making money pushing, pushing water. Not happening.”

The garage at Metropolitan Truck Center in Stoughton was packed with plow installs according to Bernadette Waitt. “We are still busy because everyone wants to get their stuff ready and get it out and ready for the next storm in case anything happens,” said Waitt. But she says they have not had the traditional storm related repairs yet.  “Repairs come when the snow comes. People break stuff,” said Waitt.

It’s the same story at Quincy Small Engine Repair with snow blowers. Owner Chris Collins told us this is the first time in a long time they have caught up on most of their work so they are ready for storm related fixes. “Repairs from breakdowns no. But that’s usually when we get some decent snow. Even the last storm they didn’t use them,” said Collins. “It’s still early so hopefully we will get some snow…not too much.”

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