New website gives travelers a view on if their airline pays for delays

BOSTON — When your next flight doesn’t take off there’s a new site to see if your airline will pay you to compensate.

“I would support the consistency between and among airlines,” said Fern Grey who tells Boston 25 she is a frequent traveler.

The site called FlightRights.gov just dropped. It shows you which airlines offer what to keep you in the know while on the go.

“As an avid traveler, I definitely think it’s a great idea to have oversight around what airlines are doing with respect to disruptions that are non-weather related,” said Grey.

That’s the key: the delay or disruption must be non-weather related. The site is an easy-to-view dashboard for travelers facing what is called controllable delays, like mechanical issues or a lack of flight attendants that delay a flight, which many travelers have faced.

“All the time. Most recently I did get caught in a major delay and unfortunately did not get compensated for it,” said Grey.

And depending on who you fly some airlines offer more than others from meals to hotels to rebooking.

We took a look at the two biggest carriers out of logan: JetBlue and Delta.

If you are delayed more than 3 hours, most airlines including JetBlue and Delta offer a meal or a hotel indicated by the green check marks on the dashboard.

But if you’re looking for a cash refund after being delayed three hours or more, no major airline does that, as the red x indicates.

Passengers like the fact this site lays that out clearly, especially those who have not gotten compensated

“Very rarely, very rarely,” said Russ Jackson, who is a frequent traveler.

In fact, Jackson tells us what airline compensates could help him choose which one he’ll take off with next.  “That would be very helpful, and it would probably sway what airline I travel on too,” said Jackson.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates as more information becomes available.

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