More arrests as teens fight on the beach

SOUTH BOSTON — There were more problems at beaches Sunday as police arrested at least four people. They have dealt with several incidents at beaches over the past couple of weeks, and it continued as hundreds gathered once again in the warm weather.

“We heard there was going to be a party at the beach so I wanted to come out,” said beachgoer Thiana Forbes.

But it didn’t take long for that party to turn into chaos on Carson Beach.

Boston 25 cameras were there as police broke up multiple fights. At one point it seemed like every 20 minutes, police were breaking up crowds.

Sometimes they were fighting, sometimes they were not, but the rain Sunday made things worse. Once it started raining, several hundred kids were running in the pavilion and it was at times too much for police to keep track of.

We’ve blurred the videos because most of the kids seen here fighting are juveniles.

“They’re just being kids,” said Agustin Esnal, of South Boston. “You can’t stop that.”

While things were peaceful at most parts of the beach, there were some areas where troopers had to call in reinforcements.

“It’s a beach day, hottest day of the year – great weather go to the beach,” said Melissa Lee, who was visiting from San Francisco. “I definitely noticed the police. I was kind of a little worried at one point.”

We watched police break up crowds on the beach, under the pavilion, and in the bathroom. We also watched police arrest multiple people for fighting.

“It is the kids’ entertainment,” Forbes said who noticed another crowd gathering during our interview. “Oh, something’s happening right now.”

Fireworks could also be heard in the crowd, although some thought it was gunshots. A day earlier, people tell us some of the people in these large crowds were in Revere carrying guns.

“Not a lot, it wasn’t crazy, but they were definitely a couple of people you could tell had it on them,” said Esnal.

With every fight, you can see kids with their phones out, but some feel there should be even more footage.

“I think there needs to be police officers and security,” said Forbes. “I also think there needs to be cameras so that they can check the cameras for proof and evidence, but I don’t know the strategy to make sure we all have a good time.”

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