MIT developing pill that may make it easier to keep fit without endless gym hours

CAMBRIDGE----Looking to shed the pounds without hitting the gym for hours on end?

MIT is working on a project designed to change the future of exercise.

Scientists are studying mice to help create a pill that could have similar effects as exercise.

“My advice to everyone would be to if you can live healthier, stay active, eat healthier. If you can’t, you have to resort to other resources,” says Dr. Manolis Kellis, a MIT professor.

One of those resources Dr. Kellis and his team are working on is a pill that could produce similar effects as exercise for those who for whatever reason can’t hit the gym.

“Such an intervention would be a complete game changer and the reason for that is that the obesity epidemic has led to the U.S. having a decreased life span compared to all other developed countries,” says Dr. Kellis.

According to the CDC, obesity increased by 11% in the United States during the pandemic alone. While this new pill wouldn’t be a weight loss drug, it would use your stem cells, muscles, and fat to create a healthier you.

“It will suddenly have global impact on the health of the United States and the health of the world,” says Dr. Kellis.

The idea of exercise in a pill is creating interesting opinions from students around MIT’s campus.

“I don’t think I would personally take the pill as I enjoy working out and enjoy it as a mental relaxation and as a break from the day,” says Akash, a MIT student.

“I am dubious about how this could actually be replicated. Exercise seems to be something that has no short cuts to,” says Cher Jaing, a MIT student.

Dr. Kellis emphasizes if you are able to exercise then this pill shouldn’t replace that. His team simply wants to create another option for those who can’t.

“Basically help people live healthier more fulfilled lives,” says Dr. Kellis.

MIT researchers say it could take five to ten years before you see this pill on store shelves.

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