Medford High School students return to class with new security measures in place

MEDFORD, Mass. — Medford High School students will notice several changes when they return to class Tuesday following winter break.

A slew of security measures are being implemented following a bathroom brawl last month. One student was stabbed and another was arrested, sending the school into lockdown.

Before winter break, students walked out of their classrooms in protest over the violence, demanding the district do more to keep them safe at school.

Students had previously told Boston 25 News fights were common in the bathrooms, but new security measures taking effect Tuesday aim to prevent future fights from happening.

In a press release, Medford School Superintendent Marice Edouard-Vincent said there will now be a bathroom schedule, and only two students will be allowed in a bathroom at any given time. Most restrooms will be closed before and after school, and all open bathrooms will be monitored by an adult.

Other safety changes taking effect Tuesday include new rules mandating all students eat lunch in the cafeteria – they are no longer allowed to leave campus during the school day. Students will need a hall pass to leave their classrooms, and they will join staff in wearing IDs, which will be distributed by Jan. 17.

Superintendent Edouard-Vincent announced additional security measures calling it the Ten-Point Action Plan:

  1. Assign an additional School Resource Officer to the building.
  2. Institute clear and consistent protocols for bathroom occupancy and monitoring.
  3. Implement clear and consistent protocols for student identification, check-in, and hallway presence.
  4. Ensure all students and adults are aware of procedures related to bullying prevention, reporting, and investigation.
  5. Establish an Anonymous Reporting System for reporting safety concerns.
  6. Update the Student Handbook to reflect changes in protocols and procedures.
  7. Remind families and students about the range of counseling support services available.
  8. Hire an Administrative Consultant to support the MHS administrative team.
  9. Administer a confidential school culture and climate survey among all MHS students, parents/guardians, and staff.
  10. Post for and hire a dedicated Communications Director for the school district.

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