Massachusetts one of the least prepared states for zombie apocalypses, says new report

DEDHAM, Mass — If Massachusetts ever becomes the land of the living dead, Bay Staters are probably doomed. And not just because the Dunkins are closed.

A new report found that Massachusetts is one of the least-prepared states for a zombie apocalypse. The Bay State is only the 38th best state to survive a zombie apocalypse in, according to insuranks.com.

Three New England states did make the Top 10 though. When it comes to a zombie refuge, Rhode Island, Vermont and Maine all rank as better than average.

According to the report, the least-populated states are your best hope. Mountainous and rural states like Wyoming, Alaska and Vermont allow you to set up a defense against a zombie hoard already smaller than the ones you would see in major metropolitan areas.

California is cited as the worst state for surviving a zombie apocalypse.

More than 10% of the 1,000 pollees said they have food stored in case of a zombie apocalypse. A further 24% say they don’t think it is weird to prepare for a zombie apocalypse.

Knowing how to kill a zombie is a vital factor in surviving an apocalypse. Over half, 53%, of Americans said they know how to kill a zombie. On average, wannabe apocalypse survivors said they could kill 39 zombies a day.

When it comes to killing, the most popular weapon of choice is a shotgun, the survey also said.

The ten best states to live like Joel and Ellie are:

1. Wyoming

2. Alaska

3. Vermont

4. North Dakota

5. South Dakota

6. Delaware

7. Montana

8. Rhode Island

9. Hawaii

10. Maine

The ten states in which you’re most likely to have your brain eaten are:

41. North Carolina

42. Michigan

43. Georgia

44. Ohio

45. Illinois

46. Pennsylvania

47. New York

48. Florida

49. Texas

50. California

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