Marshfield police chief says small group of people continue to act reckless, putting others at risk

Marshfield police chief says small group of people continue to act reckless, putting others at risk
Marshfield Police ChIef Phil Tavares delivers a public safety announcement (Photo via Marshfield Community TV)

MARSHFIELD, Mass. — Marshfield Police Chief Phil Tavares says many residents are doing all taking all the proper precautions during the coronavirus pandemic, but a small minority continues to exhibit reckless behavior that puts everyone at risk.

Tavares said he has seen carloads of kids drive past him and people playing basketball at parks. He added that there was a recent party in the dunes and there was a large gathering of minors around a fire in the woods Wednesday night.

“These are not good examples of social distancing and are dangerous,” Tavares said. "We're asking all of you to do the right thing for yourself, your family and for our community.”

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The Marshfield Police Department is also taking steps to protect against the extremely contagious COVID-19. Police are limiting their lobby to emergencies only, if they do need to respond to a home, they’re asking the residents to step outside if possible and they’re going to conduct as much business as possible over the phone.

“There is no need to panic. We just need to take precautions to protect ourselves,” Tavares said. “It will be inconvenient, boring and drawn out, but it is necessary.”

Tavares said people should take this extra time to utilize social distancing and social isolation to achieve things they normally wouldn’t have time for. He suggested people take a long walk on the beach, go for a hike in the woods, get a jump start on spring cleaning for their yard. HE also used everyone to stay in touch by phone with their elderly relatives and neighbors, a population at greater risk of coronavirus.

“Let’s use our power for good and take care of one another,” Tavares said. “Please take these minor sacrifices now to get us back on track and healthy again. Marshfield always rises to the occasion and we’re expecting no loss of you at this time.”

Public Safety Announcement from Chief Tavares

Posted by Marshfield Police Department on Thursday, March 19, 2020