Local women take center stage at Harpoon Brewery as part of Women’s History Month

BOSTON — As part of Women’s History Month, the Harpoon Brewery in Boston’s Seaport sponsored a show featuring all-female comics.

The proceeds went to the Pink Books Foundation, a group that supports women in the craft brewing industry.

The beer industry is dominated by men, much like the field of comedy.

Two of the performers, Cher Lynn and Mona Forgione, take their craft as standup comedians very seriously and would like to see more women take center stage.

“Oftentimes, you’ll be at shows where you’ll be the only woman on a show, that’s generally unless you’re at a showcase that’s themed,” Cher Lynn said.

Forgione says they heard people say that women just aren’t funny, adding “Almost every time I go out to the room, I hear at least one person say, ‘who is home with your kids now?’ or even better, ‘Your husband lets you do this?’”

Still, the thrill of performing and making people laugh is a massive reward for both women.

Although they say there are many supportive male comics, the chance to work in an all-female show is something they treasure.

“Magical. There’s something very relaxed about walking in and knowing that you’re in an all-female lineup,” added Forgione. “When you walk in, there’s just this support.”

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