Local fans gear up to watch soccer’s finest in World Cup on Boston 25!

CHELSEA, Mass. — Any given Monday you’ll find the Guardado brothers on the soccer field outside Chelsea High School.

“La pasa Maqui, La pasa — Ohhhh,” said Henri Guardado who went to Chelsea High and graduated back in 2019.

His brother Orlando Guardado is a sophomore with moves.

“Me and my brother are crazy soccer fans we pretend like it’s a real soccer game,” said Orlando Guardado.

And with the World Cup starting, the brothers imagine they’re playing with soccer’s finest.

“We like to pretend this is the World Cup. So, I commentate, he’s the player,” said Henri Guardado.

The two super fans are on the field for hours at a time. They tell me soccer is in their blood.

“I just love this sport and for me it’s my life. My dad and grandpa, he used to be a soccer player. And I wanted to play like him one day,” said Henri Guardado.

World Cup fever is everywhere! Parents at a recent Chelsea High Game in Westboro prove its exciting for all ages!

“I go for Argentina,” said Alex Ruiz who is the parent of Chelsea High player Jefferson Ruiz.

Alex Ruiz says he can’t wait to watch World Cup games with his family.

“All the best players like Messi, you know Messi is playing for Argentina and you know Naymer and those guys – all play very good, said Ruiz.

And soccer parents say the World Cup gives their kids a chance to see soccer on a world stage.

“My husband and two kids will be glued to the screen,” said Kandice Glassman, a Westboro Mother whose sons both play soccer.

She adds that watching elite players inspires them.

“When you watch it on the world stage and see what they can do and when you see the potential it definitely gets them excited,” said Glassman.

So, who are the teams to watch? Well, that depends who you ask.

“I want Brazil to win because that’s where my family is from and I’ve always liked the team,” said Chrystian Da Silva, a Westboro High student who plays on the JV Team.

“I’m a huge Croatia fan. The World Cup four years ago was crazy to watch. That was a fun one,” said Chelsea High senior Nate Nadow, who is a huge soccer fan.

While Croatia is his favorite, Nadow says he can’t wait for the U.S. team to play.

“I’m excited the England U.S. game is coming up. That’s going to be a fun one to watch,” said Nadow.

Back in Chelsea, the Guardado brothers have a favorite player.

“Ronaldo! He’s the GOAT,” said Orlando Guardado.

His brother Henri agrees.

“Cristiano Ronaldo. He is my favorite player, the GOAT for me,” said Henri Guardado.

While they both love Ronaldo, they root for different teams.

“But if I had to pick one I’d pick Brazil. They are amazing. They won 5 World Cups back then and I want them to win,” said Orlando Guardado.

“My favorite team of all time is Argentina. I love how they play. I love how they do passes how they come and attack,” said Henri Guardado.

No matter who you like, the World Cup is sure to score major points for excitement, rivalry and intensity. These fans’ enthusiasm speaks for millions locally and worldwide, excited to watch the pinnacle of soccer on TV.

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