Lawyer for Duxbury mother accused of murdering her three children says she was over medicated

DUXBURY, Mass. — Just days before Lindsay Clancy is set to be arraigned for the murders of her three young children in Duxbury, her lawyer is revealing new details of the struggles he says she and her family were facing in the months, weeks, and days leading up to the deaths.

Authorities say Lindsay strangled her children before trying to take her own life.

Attorney Kevin Reddington says Lindsay was on as many as twelve prescription drugs in recent months.

“There’s no doubt she was overmedicated. Whether or not there’s postpartum depression or post psychosis. Clearly, there was no doubt she was being treated by a number of psychiatrists and people that were prescribing these medications just incredible,” said Reddington.

At Plymouth District Court, Redding successfully petitioned the court to allow a defense forensic psychologist to evaluate Lindsay at the hospital where she is confined.

Reddington said, since the murders, Lindsay Clancy has been cut off from everyone, including her parents.

The forensic evaluation could be completed as early as Friday night.

Reddington said he is considering mounting an involuntary intoxication defense.

“Her husband actually went to the doctor a week before and asked for help and said you are turning her into a zombie and it was just a brutal, brutal existence they were living. Her parents were aware of this. They were trying to help out, and the husband as well. This family, as I said earlier, was on a road to hell, and unfortunately, they’re not coming back,” said Reddington.

As Reddington prepares for the arraignment, he also revealed new details about the case itself. And the evening when tragedy struck the Clancy family.

Boston 25 Reporter Bob Ward asked Reddington if Lindsay’s husband was warned against leaving his wife alone with their children.

“Not that I’m aware of. Not all,” Reddington said. “And why would he? He loved her dearly. She was a great mother. The two of them had their life together with their kids. He just went out to get takeout.”

Ward: “How long was the husband out of the house?”

Reddington: “Apparently, there is surveillance that shows he was at CVS and then he went to the restaurant. Probably about 20 minutes.”

Ward: “Twenty minutes. This all happened in 20 minutes.”

Reddington: “Apparently.”

Lindsay Clancy will be arraigned on murder charges for the deaths of her three children at Plymouth District Court on Tuesday.

Lindsay herself will be arraigned from her hospital bed. She will appear over Zoom.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates as more information becomes available.

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