Lawrence family is furious a new bus stop blocks a Veteran’s memorial

LAWRENCE, Mass. — Behind a new bus stop on Broadway Street in Lawrence is something new that’s blocking a memorial of great value to many that some in the city find deeply disrespectful.

“It’s Moore Square - he’s a WWII veteran, a POW, a Purple Heart a Bronze Star,” said David Goulet of Lawrence.

The memorial sign was placed here to honor Phillip Moore’s bravery and courage during the Second World War.

“It’s blocking it completely. It’s two feet in front of it. So, from the road you can’t even see it anymore,” said Goulet.

David Goulet lives in Lawrence and helps maintain veterans’ monuments all over the city.

He says the problem is the bus stop blocks the sign commemorating Phillip Moore. Veterans and his family want to know why the sign couldn’t have been placed 20 to 30 feet down the streets instead.

Moore’s sign was placed here as part of an agreement when Burger King bought the property. It’s the former site of the landmark Cedar Crest Restaurant and where Moore worked as a short-order cook.

When Moore’s family saw the bus stop they couldn’t believe their eyes.

“They’re beside themselves,” said Goulet.

Goulet reached out to the city calling everyone including the mayor but got no where.

“I’ve never gotten a return phone call. I’ve been pushed off,” he said.

Goulet and Moore’s family want the city to take action to restore the dignity they say this bus stop took away.

“I’m just really taken aback by how this happened. I don’t want the sign moved. I want this bus stop the whole thing moved to the right twenty feet over,” said Goulet.

Boston 25 reached out to the mayor to ask how this happened but so far have not heard back.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates as more information becomes available.

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